Thursday, November 12, 2009

Miss Johnsons Vintage and Handmade Market 2009

Well after spending the last 5 hours loading photo's etc on Miss Johnson's Vintage and Handmade Market I am all blogged out. Before I go I want to let you know it was and enormous success and we received lots of nice comments.

This was my stall that I was setting up until 12.30 Thursday night. Phil and I thought we would be clever, got the keys to the hall, set out all the trestles for the stall holders then went to load up with stock. Joanne and Anthony turn up with our heavy large furniture, took it all into the hall when a lady came in and asked what was going on. The hall was booked for Line Dancing until 9 oclock. Joanne, Anthony and kids roared around dismantling the trestles, putting the furniture etc in the foyer which they weren't using all in 30 minutes. When Phil and I arrived with cars laden with stock, pulled the curtains across the stage and unloaded all Phils stock up onto the stage behind the curtains in the dark, through the back door which was up the ramp. (can you just here Mum and Dad saying "What are those girls up to now") giggling away we crept into the kitchen hoping to be unseen to watch the dancing. The instructor saw us and tried to tempt us to join in (got to be joking, line dancing then setting up stalls to who knows what time). Went over to Albies, this little side of the road (like a pie cart if you can remember them) place that has log seating around an open fire. They had a write up about them giving them a top award for the whole of Australia for their hamburgers. Wow this place was jumping so many people waiting to their order, cars and motor bikes roaring in, took me back to my youth. So here is this couple of grey haired old ladies stretched out in front of the fire with our cappuccino's waiting until 9 oclock when we could get back to business in setting up. When I finally arrived home at 1 in the morning I couldn't get to sleep, so with about 3 hours sleep I was up again and back to the hall to decorate the hall and finish our stalls in time to help the other vendors get their stock into their stalls ready for 6 oclock opening. Whew, flew home to have a shower and get dressed, back to the hall 5.30 thank all the vendors for joining us and rewarding them with wine (only 1 glass mind you) and chocolates. Gee I feel tired just typing all this, I can tell you by 9 oclock closing I was nackered, could hardly lift my feet. Slept like a log and back again at 8.20 for trading until 4.30. If you are interested look on our blog damn me, I entered the other blog into the wrong blog spot, not have to go and try and figger out how to change it over.