Monday, May 26, 2014

Exhibition at Art Geo in Busselton

Whew, just made it.  My goal was to make 4 art books for the exhibition at Art Geo in Busselton, setting up tomorrow.  When I agreed to participate with my lovely partners in crime Robin and Claire I knew it could be a bit tricky getting new work done.  However, what with the changing date of Johns surgery (a month sooner) then getting sick myself it became a bit of a challenge, but there you go, got there.  I always find I work better under pressure.
 I am exhibiting 5 of my older art books and of course these are not for sale.  My aim is to share my bespoke books as an art form and also collating memorabilia, family photos etc in a creative medium to leave to future generations.  Something made by hand using tactile objects and not computor generated.
Not that I have any objections to technology being used for art.  The world has become so fast I have to wonder what I can leave to my family that will have meaning and share their heritage.
 The largest of the books has a lovely worn leather cover with vintage lace covering the handbound spine.  Quite heavy and about 3 inches thick.
 Lovely old worn velvet, a big book also, faded elegance.  One does wonder whose hands have fondled these old photo album covers.
 I loved the embosed pattern and old faded blue covers, This was off a collectors book I just changed its purpose.
About half the size of the others but no less precious.  I have collected these old photo albums over a period of time, mostly bought on ebay and at a considerable cost, but you get what you pay for.  The most time consuming part of making these art books is selecting and collating  a miriad of papers.  I like to use only good quality papers, Rives BFK a french 300gsm watercolour paper for its flexibility and strength, easy to fold and just a gorgeous colour.  I have also used printed papers that I have also collected over time, makes a difference and I try to colour co ordinate these.
The exhibition starts on Thursday this week and goes for two weeks.  I will also be holding a workshop on the 28th June following the exhibition.  The building the exhibition is being held is the old courthouse and jail still intact.  I am looking forward to having a better look around tomorrow when we go to set up.  The workshop is in what they call the Fodder room  a purpose room designed for workshops, this is at the back of the garden square next to the building where we are exhibiting and there are a 4 or 5 artist in resident little shops where you can see the artists work and see them working, what a lovely concept.  I am planning on being at the exhibition on the 2nd Saturday to discuss my art books and show the interiors that are not on display.
Long weekend this weekend I believe, fancy a run down to Busselton in the wonderful South West or come down the following weekend on Saturday morning would love to see you.

I am not doing any paintings for this exhibition, going with my first love and passion.  Once I got started I found it just flowed.  Where as with painting I am not so confident.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Oh no, its May

Sorry for a lack of uploads on my blog.  Things have been kind of crazy.  Foremost John's health.
16 days ago John was admitted for major surgery, the removal of his large bowel.  This was a worrisome time for me seeing him in so much pain and trying to understand what it means to lose one of your organs.  It has been a learning process, not only on his progress but other patients in his ward.  It has brought home to me how important it is to look after our health.  For the last 6 months we have been on a Palleo diet and I think this has helped in his recovery, it has also been apparent to me as I haven't been as diligent as I should while in Perth (chocolates, ice-cream and cake my demons) and I have been battling massive allergy's resulting in asthma, back on track now though.  I cannot wait to get back to my new home in the valley.  Should be any day soon, I know John will welcome his own bed and the peace and quiet with open arms, this should speed up his recovery.
Secondary the building of our new home.  We have had a change of direction and a wake up call on reality, dreams are all very well, but I always maintain a house is only a building, a home is what you make it.  We have decided not to go with Storybook homes, the wait was too long to get the plans and in that time with Johns health issues we decided that we possibly where a bit naive in our abilities at our age to to do the owner builder thing.  So we have put it in the hands of a lovely local builder, he has been so very helpful in making the process as stress free as possible with fitting in with our budget.
Thirdly, me being me, I am joining two very talented artists Robin Inkpen who creates amazing handmade rugs and wall art, and Claire Maslin with her beautiful mosaic art, in a two week exhibition at Artgeo in Busselton, you will find us in the Courthouse Gallery  from 28th May to 11 June.  Following up with a workshop in the Fodder room behind the gallery 28th June.  I am exhibiting my mixed media soft assemblage art books of memories.  I guess there is nothing like pressure to get things done and I am definitely under the hammer to get more pieces done in time, and I can assure you it is a challenge with most of your materials still in packing boxes, but if its meant to be I will get it done.
John on right with his best friend from Gisborne.  Upwards on onwards now John.  Enjoy the journey.