Friday, May 27, 2011

garden glories

 Its such glorious weather here at the moment, and yes I can brag after about 5 months of heat and no rain, I am like a pig in swill, enjoying every moment.

 I throw my vegetable peelings etc onto the back garden and have some interesting things come up.  These are not edible, I think they are from decaying roots off the tree.  We have a couple of large Robinia's the Pink Wisteria is particularly bad at sending out roots, I have seen them yeek!!! coming up in the next door neighbours, constantly pushing up the brick paving and even found one going under the concrete pad of the house.  John goes out and saws the roots where he can find them and pulls out what he can.  Some of the roots are the size of your arm, so you can imagine the damage they could do.  We don't want to chop them down as they provide such lovely shade in the afternoon sun.  Hence I think these toadstoolie things are coming up from the rotted roots.

 Wow and look at this, chillies on a plant that I put in only about a month ago, I get such a thrill out of growing things to eat, just amazes me even though growing up we grew all our own vegetables or Dad did I should say
 and here is another one of these blighters in my vege patch which is about 2 feet above ground, insects have been eating this one mmmh now does that mean there is a root coming up in there too, I have chopped them out before from my vege garden.
                                                        theres even a flush of roses out

I am proud of my little miniature meyer lemon tree growing in an old copper, last year it had one lemon on it and this year 13 hows that.  Since getting Jamie Olivers 30 min cook book I am using lemon juice and zest on meat, salads etc, I even like eating the leftover lemon after squeezing out the juice, ooh am I weird or what.  When we where kids we used to eat raw rhubarb dipped in sugar and green grapes (before they where ripe) sprinkled with salt yeek what ferral kids we where.  Another thing I have started using since getting his book is fresh chilli, not the hot one, I have never used chilli as I thought it would be too hot.  Thank you Jamie.  Have you tried Lindt dark chocolate with chilli, mmmh now you will have to try that one, it leaves a nice warm after taste in your mouth.  I have been told that chilli speeds up your metabolism and dark chocolate is high in something good for you, well I want to believe it.
Have a good weekend

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Art Craft Fair at Midland

Weather permitting I will be doing the Midland Art and Craft Fair just behind Dome Coffee in a lovely little park.  This is only a small Fair and has only been going a short time about 6 months.  I am quite happy to support and put in the time until it grows although I am hoping it will not become too big.  I have made these vintage photo frames to sell there.  The frames are very old and a little bit fragile, old photo and french text, a bit of lace.  The bird I painted onto calico from Tracie Lyn Huskamp's book which I particularly like.  We will be doing a visual journal along these lines very shortly in Tuesday class. 

They are pretty if you like vintage and the journal will be quite tactile using lots of vintage lace, fabrics and old photo's, I will share with you when we complete the journal.

rainy day in Perth

Well it is something to get excited about here in Perth West Australia after about 3 months no rain.  And it is good solid rain, we have had a few odd light showers this week but needed a lot more, now we can turn the reticulation off.    Yesterday Phillipa and I took the day off and went into the city by train to the big Craft Fair at the Convention Centre.  Although the fair on the whole was dissappointing for us, I am sure the ladies from the country and if you where a patchwork enthusiast you would have enjoyed it.  We where out of there before 2 oclock whereas last year we stayed until after 4pm.  I did do some damage to the bank account however.  Sanshi from Perth has the most amazing Japanese fabrics and kits, I have been eyeing up one of the kits in particular and as they are closing down I thought I better bite the bullet and get it before I lost my chance.  I am going to sew it by hand it is a more contemporary design and my aim is to make it to take with us when we get around to travelling in a campervan or such, it will also give me something to do in the evenings when the light is no good for painting.  I can also take it with me and stitch while I am at the markets or fairs.  I also bought some knitting to make a loose over top in a linen cottom mix thread, can also do this in the evenings.  Oh and I bought a book, 'Flavour for Mixed Media' by Mary Beth Shaw it is a bit out there with some cooking recipes as well an interview with Misty Mawn.  Well this sort of weather entices one to curl up with a book so here I come......
Have a good weekend

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


recently I was privileged to  spend 4 days 3 nights with my 3 youngest Granddaughters.  It was go go go from the time we got up until the time we hit the beds at night.  I am so totally not used to how much energy kids have.  To give you an example on the 2nd day I was up and dressed at 6 am in time to get the kids down to breakfast, still in their pyjamas.  Why so early, Maddison had a skating lesson at 8 am.  The whole reason for this trip to Bunbury (two and a half hours from Perth) was to take Maddie for these skating lessons with world renown instructors from Italy.  Hence a one on one lesson to 8.30 am, back to the hotel and into the swimming pool (not me) until 9.30 whereby I dragged them out to get dressed and then off to a movie at 10 am.  Diary of a whimpy kid 2, I enjoyed as well.  Then off shopping for nana's turn for a couple of hours, lunch.  Down to the beach 5 minutes walk from hotel, with a high tide and high sea a couple of hours spent racing around in the bubbling surf, off to the playground where they played chase with some new friend they made.  Me watching, thinking 'you go kids' thinking that will wear them out.  Back to the hotel around 4 pm back in the pool until 5.30, walked down the street to the main street and food outlets for tea.  Back to the hotel, back in the pool until 8, are you getting the idea now, wear them out and they will sleep WRONG!!!! only person worn out here was nana, this time I took a book with me down to the pool, can't let kids in the pool without an adult (me with my book)  then blow me down when they got out of the pool with a new friend they wanted to play hide and seek phew!!! 9 pm off up to bed.  Now Alyssa who has trouble getting to sleep had to sleep with nana so we could talk until she got tired enough to sleep, I think I was talking in my sleep by now.  Next morning  up again at 6 for breakfast and another 8 am lesson.  However I enjoyed it all and wasn't crabby nana too often I don't think?

after 2 hours driving it was time for a pit stop at a favourite watering hole, Harvey Information Centre.  Hot chocolate and apple pie for the girls, coffee and cake for the driver.  also a chance to stretch legs and run around for a bit in their wonderful grounds.

in the atrium of the Lord Forrest Hotel, can you see the swimming pool, they got their money's worth out of that.  our room on 2nd floor looking down to the pool
                                                  that's my little Maddie with the Italian tutor

after Sunday's lessons we headed off to Donnybrook, such a beautiful little town.  The countryside just glorious in this beautiful autumn weather.  Met Kirsty there at an amazing playground built with a large  donation from a local resident in their will.
back in Collie, no prima donna's my granddaughters, like to mix it with Alyssa's brother and boy cousins.
Thank you so much Kaitie, Alyssa and Maddie for spending this time with me, I will treasure it always.  A!nd now for a lie down to get over, just joking

Love you girls xoxoxo
your nana

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New magazine Jeanne d' arc Living 3rd Edition 2011

 The 3rd edition 2011 arrived recently, it is so inspiring.  A lifestyle magazine that gives just great ideas for your home, garden and even yummy recipes.  When I am reading it I just want to get stuck in to making things for my home. The above three photo's are from the magazine which is printed on recycled paper, just a beautiful magazine.
 And this is my attempt to recreate the planted pot directions, in this pot there are pansies, foxglove, lobelia and then there are the plants that will eventually trail down over the side like the silver dichondra.  I went for the silver foliage and white, blue and pink flowers when they get to that stage.  Although we have had a small amount of rain it is still very dry but the days are just glorious, so typical of Autumn in Australia.
See the old zinc bath tub in the rear that is also crammed with plants and it marks Alex's burial spot.  Lovely new rose next to it is called "Mothers Love" which I planted on Mothers Day in memory of my dear Mum as well as John 's Mum.  Has a beautiful pale apricot to cream flower.
                          And the view from inside my studio, it will be pretty don't you think?
 Above and following is the lovely garden of my good friend Robyn Longley who has the most amazing garden up in the hills, the most stunning roses.  Now this is what I can only aspire to achieve.

I have four editions of this magazine now, the first I got in 2009 is written in Danish where the magazine comes from, I can pick up one or the other of the copies and see things I didn't see before.
If you would love to have one of these beautiful magazines you can email me and if I have any left over I will be taking them to our Miss Johnson's Vintage and Handmade Market on the 10th and 11th June and of course there should be another edition here by then, they come out every six weeks.
Look on my little sisters blog see the wonderful wings she was inspired to make from the magazine as well, for one of her lovely mannequins.
Hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day as a Mother or if your lucky enough with your Mother.
best wishes