Sunday, March 30, 2014

Yay we have rain

As you can see from this photo taken through the kitchen window, we have finally got rain.  Good ground drenching rain, no storm, but over three days about 10 hours of steady rain.  The trees in the orchard will love this and I am hoping we don't lose any.  There are three citrus trees, not sure yet what they are, but two have been suffering terribly so I am hoping this will revive them.
Nothing much else happening to report.  Surveyor was going to do the features and contours this week and will be sending a report which will go to the builders to determine if the plan we are thinking of will work.
Well thats all the news for now, hope you had some rain

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Life is slow in the valley

6.30 am this morning this huge truck rolled up, rattled its way down the gravel road, turned around then stopped just in the view of my kitchen window. Being nosey, I had to watch to see what he was up to, could have been a cattle rustler.  Hmmm, no, this other truck about half the first ones size rolls up, drives past the big one then backs right up to about a metre between them.  You gotta admire these truck drivers, they know their stuff.  To my entertainment they dropped a ramp between them and loaded cattle from the small truck onto the big guy, what a racket.  Then little guy goes away, big guy sits.  about 5 mins later little guy rolls back in again and repeats the process.  I am surmising the big truck was  unable to get to the yards where the cattle where and it took two loads to full the big truck up.
Very entertaining, as it was only dusk I had to lighten the photo so you could see the smaller truck, it had two trailers and if you look close you will see the white cab and dark colour trailers.

And great grandma with newborn little Amelia Joanne, just a handful.  The age I like them best.
Its 27 degrees today and very pleasant, I love anything below 30 and above 20.  No rain yet, forcast for Tuesday Wednesday next week, so its still bottle watering the fruit trees.
Life is good down in the valley

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Now the fun begins, tree removalists yesterday

 This is the block before the tree removalist's came in yesterday
 We have been working away at cutting this large rose back, there is a wisteria climbing through it as well we discovered.  Lot of dead wood underneath and old timber thrown there.  Jeff next door took the top off it after this photo was taken which made it much easier to tackle.  Still some dead wood and of course the cuttings all to be dragged down onto the bonfire which we cannot light until late May, but it is accumulating.
 John making a dash down from the top of the block before more branches came down.
 They where very persistant getting this Carob tree trunk and roots out.  Look at that wonderful soil, no more sand for me to plant in, yay!!!
 and the last tree standing that had to come down.  We got all the wonderful mulch, now to wheel barrow it all down into the orchard, the fruit trees will be very grateful as they havent had water for ab out two months, apart from the hand watering we have done taking bottled water each time we go.
 and timber!!!!
 This was fascinating, that green machine is a stump grinder and is being operated by the guy on the left by remote control, did such a great job.
 Looking up from the orchard
 and down from across the road
 Just waiting for our little house to be dropped in,  next step is getting the surveyor in.
These two big gum trees where the last to go and once they came down and all the debri cleaned up, opened things right up.  Will have to get more trees in once the house is built as a bit exposed on the Western boundary where the worst of the heat comes from, but that will be the garage and kitchen.  The guys from the tree romovalist's where absolutely great, such a clean job, would recommend them to anyone.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Living slow

Looking down onto the gardens from the balcony where we had coffee and cake.

Hows this for a great idea, on the edge of the balcony round pvc pipe made into a herb gardens.  Must store that idea for future reference.

Beautiful Balinese style courtyards, the mosaics where amazing.  Lots of great ideas.

We called into this idylic roadside restaurant on the way down to Kirup to get vegetables recently.  Called something like Berry Cottage.  The food was on the expensive side but the gardens where inspirational.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Battle for the figs

I am unable to add text to my blog other than as a caption to a photo.  In the garden I have been fascinated with these little birds, silver eyes, devouring the figs on the tree.  The tree is alive with them and they are not bothered by my sitting nearby taking photo's.

They scrap over who has the best figs.  I have to be quick to pick some myself.  We have had them with our meals and there are plenty for the birds and me.

I didn't realise that this one I zoomed in on was a baby silvereye in the camelia tree.

Monday, January 20, 2014

getting to know Donnybrook and surrounding areas

I think I have found the place to call home.  I am so loving Donnybrook and enjoying exploring the town.
Have found a great walk which takes me about 40 mins down one side of the river, across the weir and back the other side.  It is so hot here at the moment so I leave my walk until around that time, the wind has come up and cooled it down somewhat.
The monthly market is great for plants and produce and I am thinking of having a stall just to let people know what I am doing and its a great way to meet and chat to people.  We visited the Busselton Market on Sunday but don't think I would do very well there and it would mean leaving around  6 am.  Will have to see if there is a more specialised fair for Art and Craft.  We are meeting up with the agent for Storybook cottages on Saturday which will be great, need to know what trees will need to be cut down, one large gumtree on the front will have to come down and I expect a couple on the boundary.  We will be able to start making plans.
Have joined a great art community that meets each Wednesday for 5 hours, this is exciting for me as I need to get back into my art, at the moment its like a treasure hunt finding particular things, gradually pulling supplies out.
Not a lot to share with you at the moment just letting you know I am here and happy.