Thursday, August 30, 2007

A man of beauty

Ernie Dingo is a man of pure beauty in my eyes, in this photo taken from the West Weekend Magazine, the West Australian 25 August 2007, Ernie has the most amazing smile it lights up his face and just express's pure mischief. But in this photo Ernie is expressing his sadness and grief, here is a man not afraid to express his feelings, his love of life and family.

Ernie has just lost one of his dearly loved brothers, cousin and nephew in a horrific car crash just outside Carnarvon, West Australia. Some of the quotes from this article that really touched me were one he always tells his brothers " I dont care how sad a day it is, you tell your brothers and your family that you love them". Isnt this something the whole world should remember,

I know there are people that we dont like or have done us wrong in some way, I think we need to overlook this and send them love anyway, guess they need it more than most.

Ernie is someone I have long admired, to me he is one of the most beautiful men, I love his larakiness, his wonderful sense of humour, I love to hear him talk of his family and how he has not forgotten his Aboriginal roots. He always makes he smile and brightens my day.

Ernie also quoted "In my time, I see things, every corner I take, every person I see, gives me a reflection, an image of somebody else" how profound is that.

I feel for you Ernie and send thoughts of love. Thank you Griffin Longley for such a wonderful report.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Workshop with Beryl Taylor

Last week it was my good fortune to do a workshop with the lovely Beryl Taylor in Perth, West Australia.

The project we did was 'finding the heart of the book'. I chose this class because I love books and journals.

This is the first process of making the book which we completed before lunch break, as you can see looks as if a mouse has been chewing on the centre but all will be revealed in the finished book. What looks like icing is in actual fact crackle paste.

This is the finished project, colours didnt photograph very well, in true colour very rich gold colours with touches of green.

What I really enjoyed about this project was learning to mix the Golden fluid colours together especially the gold with magenta or turquoise, colours came up like a very soft lumiere colour. Mixing water with the fluids gave lovely soft colours, just like water colours. Will be creating more with these mediums

I would recommend Beryl Taylor's classes to everyone, her art is inspiring, I will be making more of these books.