Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fragments in Time workshop

A lovely group of girls participated in my Fragments in Time Journal Workshop last Saturday and Sunday.  The girls where very industrious and produced very creative pages for their journals.  It is very satisfying teaching these workshops, I always learn something new from the students as well.  I love seeing each ones individual personality evolving in their art. I am always grateful and humble to be accepted as a teacher by the women who attend my workshops, I feel I do a good job by the quality of workmanship achieved.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Tree change

 I know butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, but if she plays hockey like she plays basketball I would be keeping well out of the way of that hockey stick.  She's a fiery little thing, must get it from her nana.
 We are thinking of escaping from the city to live in the country later this year or earlier next year.
 We headed down South to look at Donnybrook about 2 1/2 hours from Perth, and 30 mins from Kirsty in Collie.  After looking at houses in the price range we could afford without any debt, we are thinking maybe to build.  I love building a new home, find it exciting to stamp our creativity into the decor, love designing new gardens etc. Photo above is front of block the impressed, sloping quarter acre block, lots of trees. I love trees and don't want to wait for new ones to grow.  Below house opposite, shows me that you can grow a good garden this is important as want that challenge to keep me busy.

 On walking around to the back of the block it has established fruit trees which is a plus.  The big question will it still be available in 6 months time, time will tell.
Donnybrook is a lovely little village that we found appealing, has all the facilities we would need.  The street scene here is the South West Highway which is the one of the main route's down south.  We where there Saturday and Sunday of our Long weekend and it was pretty busy.  Would like to see it again on a week day.
This will be a big step for us and probably our retirement home, we want to get it right.  I am a country girl (cant take the country out of a girl)  whereas John grew up in a small city but I think he is ready for a quieter life.  Lots of research now of house plans etc and planning in general.  Will keep you in the loop and share our journey.