Thursday, November 12, 2015

Albany Workshop 2015

Last week I taught a series of workshops in beautiful Albany, through Icky Finks.  Must say here, those of you living in Albany how lucky you are to have Icky Finks in your area, wish they where in Bunbury or Busselton.  Wonderful range of products for artists. I had wonderful classes of eager students ready and willing to go out of their comfort zone and experiment with Golden products.  Few hiccups at the beginning but nothing to dampen their creativity.  The workshops were held in the Annexe (see below on left) at beautiful Vancouver house, the art centre for Albany I am told. Very lucky here as well.
 First morning I arrived early to get the workshop set up and took the opportunity to take some quick photo's of Vauclause House.
 Had to share this one of a mosaic bench, isn't it creative?

I had to make this photo larger so you could see the wonderful wind towers, these a politician thought where ugly, where is his head at.

Can you see the creativity going on here in the art journals workshop, was not sure if I would get many to do this workshop and was very pleasantly surprised.

newly cut and rolled hay, what a wonderful inspiration for a canvas

such a beautiful golden colour.
Saturday week I fly to New York for three nights and then on to Fort Lauderdale, Miami for the Golden GAEP conference.  I will be coming back bursting with new ideas and there will be lots of workshop coming up in 2016, have my mojo back yehaaa!!!