Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gosh it has been almost a month since I last made a post here. Well you know it is the silly season for us, what with fairs each week haven't had time to scratch myself. I want to share some photo's taken in our garden a month ago when it was still spring. This is a new garden I created early winter, trying to make the back shadier as it is a real heat trap.

This is a closer image taken about a month ago everything is thriving.We pulled out all the shrubs at the front and have put in more formal gardens with box hedging around the edges of all gardens. The garden bed on the left has a row of the hibiscus commonly known as the cotton tree, they have lovely big red shaded heart shaped leaves, I think they will look lovely when they grow and for a high hedge, have moved some roses from the bed on the right to this bed and they are now thriving, lots of blooms. The Jacaranda in the middle of the lawn is a mass of lovely mauve blooms and leave now.Hah, can you see John trying to quickly get inside, poor love he did all the hard labour, the old bushes took a lot of work getting out.Lovely pink rose next to the garage puts on a lovely show for a few weeks and that its lot for the year, but so worth it, looks lovely framed against that lovely blue sky (I can tell you I am over that blue sky now, have had a few scorchers).One of the baby doves I captured on film out the front, the doves have been very busy, babies everywhere.This lovely apricot is the last of the climbing roses on the side fences, puts on a lovely show too. Roses in the bird bath....The star jasmine outside the bathroom fills the house with the most intoxicating perfume from its abundant blossoms, has been flowering for almost a month. There I have probably bored you stiff with my garden post but I know my family in New Zealand enjoy seeing it, so just skip through and look at the photo's. Bye for now Jacky