Tuesday, June 26, 2012

another birthday

Well another birthday rolled around yesterday, I thought I was going to spend it on my own, surprise!!!
the girls I teach on Tuesday mornings put a surprise birthday morning tea for me, lovely gifts and yummy food
Cheryl asked me to go to see a nice shop in Mt Hawthorn,  Antedote Living has a beautiful eclectic variety of gifts, homewares and some fashion items.  I have a few gifts needed for birthdays coming up so was able to get some here.  We then had lunch at the New Norcia Bakery Cafe which was very nice.
Here I sit in the cafe waiting for my lunch to come, thinking I would be eating on my own, instead I was joined by a good friend, but, I felt my loved ones all around me.  And just to prove he was there, on my way home I stopped at Charlies Supermarket and when I entered, the song that always lets me know my dad is around, hold on by REM started playing, how special is that!!!  It was also nice to receive so many birthday wishes on Facebook, thank you all who made my day special when I thought it was going to be just another day...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

photo time frame

I thought I would share with you a time frame of photo's taken from my backyard yesterday.  I get really excited when we get rain, and we are getting a lot lately, a real nice change from the summer heat.
above was taken at 4.23 pm

4.23 pm different angle


4.31 pm I do love it when you get the sun coming behind the clouds edges them with silver and creates a smokey hue

4.31 pm different angle

4.32 pm starting to spit at this stage

4.45 pm and we are about to cop it

4.45 pm different angle, darkened dramatically
Hope you enjoyed my photo's of a storm coming in, you can tell by the time frame how quickly the clouds rolled in before it came down heavy.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


dont yah just feel like this sometimes, this is a self portrait in my Book of the night journal, a medusa with tusks coming out of mouth.....
I am such a bad grandmother, I started this for Jessica before Christmas, not that you can see what I did then under all the layers of paint.  Guess its better late than never, hope Jess likes it.... image is from Misty Mawn's book

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Canning Bridge Market yesterday

Phillipa's and my stalls mine is the lower one, it was rather windy and we had our porta shades tied down to all sorts of things to stop them taking off.  It was a lovely sunny day and was really good to see friends who stopped for a chat and purchases.


and me, I spent half a day tacking my roof together, a couple of drop sheets tied down with hand dyed silk ribbon a bit of dizzying and well, will have a better idea on what to do next time.  I was trying to work all this while Mr Perfect was putting up a kit set garden shed and I was the unpaid labourer, amid much cursing as these kit set things never seem to match up to their directions, Mr Perfect with some of my lateral thinking is nearly finished and saved us $99 which could get some shelving to go in said garden shed.

This isn't a big market but I have a feeling it could grow into something good, its called an art market which distinguishes it from other markets where they seem to be selective in their stall holders and was a good mix of stalls.

This lovely gentleman provided a good mix of music 

and this lady entertained with spirited bush poetry

The most amazing garden sculptures you are likely to see anywhere

and these two lovelies sparkling in the sun a bit too large for my small garden, but then, mmmh maybe................