Friday, September 26, 2008

Spring in Dwellingup

Dwellingup is a favourite place for me and it was there recently that I took the following photo's. Designing Women a group I belong with goes in September each year an opportunity I don't like to miss. 2 days of crafting with like minded women. This year we did some felting and created these crazy women dolls out of felt, beads, charms etc, it was fun and relaxing. Some new faces added to the mix. The beautiful spring blossoms where in full bloom

Graceful double daffodils swaying in the breezes on their long stems

Fat buds on the wisteria just opening up to the sun
Red japonica glistening with dew The beautiful delicate colour of the winter rose, real name escapes me

The beautiful parakeet's with their stunning coloured plumage seemed to pose for the camera they look stunning against the blue sky, they look as if they are just soaking up the warmth of the sun after the cold of winter.

Is this not an idyllic rural scene, they where keeping a close eye on me with my camera, actually zoom lens come in real handy at times.

Beauty in the Australian bush
Bull rushes shedding their winter coats ready for new growth

Subtle shades of white are favourites of mine

Finally my shadow in a pool of water, lovely Australian colours

Friday, September 5, 2008

Art Journey Retreat 2009

Joanne has been wearing her fingers raw, setting up the website with the details for next years Art Retreat that is going to be held in Sydney. It should be up and running by Monday. Recently Joanne flew over to have a look at the venue, we are hoping all the delegates will be happy with our choice. It is very hard when you are operating from the other side of the country, I think it will be good to have classes and accommodation all at the one venue and look forward to getting to know more of the girls and seeing their wonderful artwork.
Once again we have been lucky to get wonderful tutors. I am sure everyone will have a hard time choosing which classes to do. The American tutors have been teaching for many years and have either published books or featured in Somerset Studio magazines.

Mary-Jo Koch does amazing painting onto old postcards, you have to see them, anyone who loves vintage will love this class. Her Journal that is held over 2 days is just beautiful, I cannot wait to meet this wonderfully talented artist. Sample below. Don't those flowers look real.
L K Ludwig's journals are also quite vintage and she is teaching lots of techniques such as ageing copper wire mesh. In the image below I bet you think that is real fern leaf stuck on top, but no its an imprint left after ageing the copper, I have got to try that!
Keith Le Bue does amazing assemblages using found objects, I have admired Keith's work since I purchased a Somerset Studio about 7 years ago and saw the following image, how cool is that.
We have some wonderful Australian Tutors at this retreat, we are hoping you will embrace them, you will find that they are as good as the American tutors and because they are Australian and airfares are not an issue we can offer these classes at a more affordable rate, take advantage of this, as if petrol prices keep rising, air fares will also rise and bringing out American tutors will become a lot more expensive. What I have seen of 2 of the Australian tutors teaching techniques they are as good as or even better than any I have seen. Please go on our website to see samples for these wonderful creative women, it should be up by Monday.

Art Journal Workshop

Last weekend I held a 2 day workshop at Artistic Journey, creating an art journal attended by 3 lovely girls. We had a problem receiving one of our Golden colours that I had intended to use in the workshop I turned it into a positive and had each of the girls choose 2 different colours each. I enjoyed teaching them how to create a whole art journal using the 2 colours of their choice plus white, making many different colour ways. This was as big a challenge for me as it was for them, but what fun that was.

Tamara's colours of choice where Primary Yellow and Alizarin Crimson Hue, now let me tell you this cover is the only place you see these colours full strength, she did warn me that she liked white. I would see her having these lovely colour ways happening then I would turn away to someone else and they had virtually disappeared under a sea of white with just a hint of colour peeping through. But Tamara was happy and it was her journal, you have to own what you do.

Tanya's choice of colours where Quinacridone Burnt Orange and Azurite Hue. Who would have thought that these two colours plus white would create these lovely moody colours that reminded Tanya of the lovely sunsets in Port Hedland, she had so much fun, a bit hesitant at first at what colours she was going to get with her choice, but some very interesting pages evolved.

Peta Jane's colours of choice where Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold and Anthraquinone Blue to create lovely colours of the bush, I think it was the South African bush of her homeland. See the little bird on the cover this is a beautiful bird to be found there. Usually I would have advised Paynes Gray with Q Nickel Azo Gold but as we where thinking outside the box, Anth. Blue was a very good choice gave a much richer green. Peta Jane I hope these two days where helpful in relieving the stress I am guessing that you are going through, my best wishes to your son and a speedy recovery.