Monday, January 26, 2009

White linen

I do love white linen, recently I bought organic cotton linen from a company called Eco Down Under, just beautiful. Photo above was taken when the linen was just hung out to dry.

After a few hours in the sun and a bit of a breeze, most of the wrinkles have come out. Wrinkles are good, I don't do ironing if I can help it. I love the the light and shadows created on the lined where the sun catches parts and the folds create a darker shade of white. I love the clean smell of newly washed linen when you make up the bed.

A happy day spent cooking

It was Australia Day public holiday on Monday, and what with my new light kitchen I got all motivated and actually did some work in there, now that's dangerous, don't want to set a precedence and have John think he's going to get it all the time, it will wear off, I assure you. Robyn bought in three cartons of different varieties of plums, about 3 or 4 kilograms in each. Lisa took one carton home to make plum jam in her Thermomix, mmmh I think I will have to get one of those, took less than 30 minutes to make jam. Some of the girls took some of the plums leaving one and a half cartons left, one to Joanne for the kids to eat and I took the other one home. And this is what I did with them, preserved some 4 large jars, chutney about 6 jars and sauce 5 bottles. I kept aside 8 plums to make a delicious plum upside down cake for dessert, that went down a treat with ice cream and custard.

Washed fruit, I am sure Robyn doesn't use chemicals in her garden, but to wash of dust etc.Fruit chopped up and pips taken out, and weighed. I have been married 43 years and never had scales, mostly worked in cups, very haphazard but I am not great cook.As this mess will tell, I managed to flick brown sugar all over the place, can you see it on the bench its on those jars with the red lids too. Oh well I was having fun!!And yum see that cake, well not quite cooked in the centre, but still tasted amazing. Anyone wanting the recipe, let me know and I will print it here.Prior to moving to Australia from New Zealand 27 years (yikes is it that long) we always bought fruit and vegetables direct from the farms sometimes you got them even cheaper if you picked them yourself, I would cook them up for preserves or freeze making considerable savings. I have the desire to go back to doing that. I enjoy cooking, but I hate cleaning up afterwards. I am getting domesticated at last but it is very creative. I also made a Banana cake with some over ripe bananas. Well my sisters what do you think of that???

Kitchen before update

I did find a photo of the kitchen taken some time before we re painted. Just goes to show what a lick of paint and some new knobs can do.

Photo was taken pre digital camera, hence not the best quality, still gives you the previous colour.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Big Sale on at Artistic Journey

Thought new year time to put into practise my new years resolution of letting things go, hence a big sale at our shop, 50% off a big selection of products. Make way for new stuff. We also have these sale items on our website http://www.artisticjourney/ if you are interested and unable to get into the shop. Lots of 7gypsy's, odd papers, basic grey packs, stamps, thurlby farm soaps etc and many more.

New Year, time for changes

Dearest husband had 4 weeks holiday over Christmas period, not being one for idleness convinced him it was time for new interior colours (first in 16 years). Also was so over the sound of cricket on television in the lounge, also convinced its not good to watch that much TV.

Well I really love the new white colour and think the polished silver metal knobs just finish them off, was really over the natural wood which had darkened considerably over time. mmmmh easters coming up, wonder if thats too soon to suggest we start on the walls and ceilings, John is such a perfectionist which can be very painful when you want things done in a hurry, shouldn't complain though as he does do such a good job.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Colours of Summer

It is summer in Perth, which means extreme heat 42 degrees celcius yesterday. But with the heat comes clear blue skies and vibrant colours. Can't live without the airconditioner though.

I noticed a smear on my camera lens, which is the blur on these photo's.a small peice of old iron lace I was lucky to pick up in Bridgetown for $10 about 2 foot long, love the different colour paints plus rust coming through. a bowl of sea shells the grey one is an oyster shell, shades of white bowl of lovely red tomatoes that I grew this year, most I have ever got off one plant.and this is where alex spends most of her day in the heat, right under the airconditioner vent where it blows down on her. what a life aye! In the winter she sleeps in a tight ball.

In Colour

two of the photo's I took of christmas decorations that loaded as black and white, sharing with you as I thought the colours are nice too!

Hah better luck this time, dont you just love computors!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

christmas home decorations

really had trouble getting into the mood of christmas this year, it has been such a busy year and when you decorate the shop as well its hard to be creative at home as well. this is some of my home decorated for christmas.
feather tree and 2 silver trees from the shop in window in lounge with presents below.collection of ornamental trees I have collected over the last 5 years plus candle holders on top of television cabinet.many of these baubles I have collected in Sydney a few at a time, they are victorian reproduction heavy glass, I just love them all the pearl ones, vintage mirror, clear glass to name a few. Just as well that I bought them when I found them as they dissappeared from the shops after several years. This collection looks lovely with the outside light shining through them.I love this chipped mantle peice and display my small collection of mantle clocks the one on the top left Phillipa bought me back from france and the one on the bottom right Paddy bought me as well as those lovely old metal stencils mmmh wonder where they where used.

german belsnickles in their felted coats on the bookshelf.small hall stand just inside the front door is a favourite for decorating, I love to thread the strands of golden amber beads across the top and then nestle lovely little birds and butterflies in amongst them just like branches, now I dont know what happened to the colour but photo appears to have gone black and white.and the front door with one of the rosettes we made in the shop nestled into a green wreath just to wish you all a merry christmas.

well it looks as if the gremlins have got into my computor and changed all my photo's to black and white, they look ok though dont you think!