Thursday, August 19, 2010

Artistic Journey's first open shop and workshop

This Saturday is our first open shop and workshop since we closed the shop. Not sure how we will go as there has been some website challenges and of course it is election day. If you are like me I am so over politics, seems to be such a negative election going on, I am sick of all the adds on television and just want to get it over and done with, all I can say is that I hope the Greens get the numbers in the Senate to keep both parties in check.

Saturday, 21st, 4pm to 10pm is our first open shop and workshop.

The workshop image is above, phone me if you would like to participate in this, 9377 2343, cost is $25 for workshop plus $10 kit which includes 8 x 10 canvas, paints and paper for background.

How to find us - Carramar hall, Morley
front of hall there is not a lot of parking, is in Marks Place, if you drive up Beechboro Road towards Benara Road, you will see Central Beechboro shops on the right, turn right into Incana place (a short Street) turn right into Marks Place a small cul de sac ,the hall is on the left.
For the back of the hall where there is more parking turn right from Beechboro Road into Benara Road, right into Bottlebrush Drive, turn into Redgum Way which is the first on the right. Follow road around, Carrmar Hall is just past Carramar Retirement village 23a Redgum Dr. Brick fence, car park inside, door will be open at back. If you have any problems my mobile phone is 0418 920 009 Joannes 0437 057 735. If you are staying for workshop etc there is Hungry Jacks and Kentucky Fried around the corner on Benara Road and at the back of the shops a really nice fish and chips shop. We will even bring fresh bread and butter to go with your fish and chips yumm....

We offer you the opportunity to come and shop, do the workshop or just come and work on one of your projects. The hall is not large so we can only provide room for so many, so if you plan to work on your own let us know and we will book you a seat, good opportunity to finish projects or start on something new. The cost for this will be $10 to cover cost of supper and hall hire. Will be a lot of fun, Jo has prizes etc.

We look forward to seeing you all and would love any suggestions from you on what you would like to be included in these open days which we will hold once a month.

We are hoping the Somerset Studio magazines will be in and we have new products as well as our more popular products.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

new vehicle

this little beauty is what has been keeping me busy for the last couple of weeks. to travel out to regional Australia to teach workshops I needed another vehicle, my little Subaru Sherpa that I have had since 1986 can no longer cope with long trips. the sherpa has been a wonderful little car, it only cost me $20 every two weeks for petrol and had the most amazing spacious back to put stock in. my family nicknamed it the shopping basket on wheels. had a brief life as a getaway car by my son, it put up with a lot too. when it was overheating once thinking I was doing the right thing I put water in the engine!!!! yup I did, when I started it up the radiator cap blew off with dirty water everywhere, fortunately it was outside my workplace and there was a car repair shop down the back, they pushed it down then it took a couple of days for all the water to be drained out. the young boys where I worked lifted my whole car and moved it for a prank. I loved my little car, had no trouble keeping up with the traffic and I will be really sad to see it go. does anyone else get so attached to a car. it was so reliable and never let me down.
said new vehicle in the background, a volkeswagen caddi life, seats 7 but the back seats lift out easily to use as a van. automatic, I have resisted automatic cars for ever, I like driving and my opinion is that you don't drive an automatic you just steer it, makes you lazy, so I guess I will become lazy, hope I don't lose concentration when travelling in the country. but it is a joy to drive and using diesel should be economical, its turbo mmmmh that could be dangerous. the plan is that when John stops working in 3 years he will sell his car and just use the van, or could keep the sherpa and he could use that haha I suggested that, didn't go down well, why are males so concerned about the vehicle they drive, I would be happy driving a truck or a jeep long as it got me where I was going.

oh well grumpy old woman to you......


update on our only great grandson, such a boy, look at that dirty little face building up immunity. walking around the sofa's, not able to walk on his own yet but not far off. so much fun, Jo, Samara and I went around to have lunch and spend time with Jessica and the little boy.


We have rain again, this winter has been particularly dry, no rain for two weeks and the gardens where starting to dry out, I believe that we are to get about a weeks rain, bring it on... I love camillia's and have had no luck growing them here in Australia until now. I have planted them under the climbing roses that have bushed out giving protection from the sun.
This beautiful white one is quite large, it had a lot of large buds, but they seemed to just drop off before flowering but have had a couple come into flower, so I am happy.This one is half the size of the white one, it has white outer petals and the frilly inner petals are a cream, not quite as dark cream as in this photo, has lots of flowers coming out, this one is perhaps a bit older. I am afraid I don't know what their names are, I buy because I like the colour. I have a third one which is smaller still, didn't get a chance to take a photo when it was in bloom, the plant is only about 12 inches high, I think it is a low grower. I do love white camellias, especially in the darkness under the roses. Maybe next year I will be able to pick some and bring them inside.