Monday, January 4, 2016

Brooklyn New York Nov 2015

 Brooklyn was as gritty as I hoped it would be, although there was a lot of empty blocks with very imaginative graffiti decorating the ugly fences.  Gradually I think Brooklyn is losing its old character and being replaced with public housing.

This cat looks ferocious, just what you would expect in the hood

exterior of our loft apartment. these where garment making factories.  I am guessing all these empty blocks would have had similar factories.  Would guess they would have been from the 50s and 60s

rather dirty and unkept shops here and there

public housing looked clean, tidy and well kept.

Saw a lot of buildings like this, like something out of the Wild West, very plain, no overhangs, flat and box like. But quite unique and different to anywhere else I have been.

public housing

quaint restaurant that served delicious food, we had several meals here