Thursday, July 28, 2011

American Womens Craft Fair

this Sunday I am exhibiting at the above fair, this has always been a very good, high quality fair

I have been busy this week making these little dresses

and designing these little journals.

I have designed four different styles,  these 6 x 8 inch journals will make great gifts or just something fun to do.  I have designed this style so it can be pulled apart to create the pages and then reassemble.
soft and flexible.
this is a really fun fair as the American women always seem to organise
taste typical American food etc
stop and say hello, I would love to see you
now back to the sewing machine to make some vintage fabric hearts

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Art Retreat in Dwellingup 2011

A week ago we had our Art Retreat at Dwellingup with American artist Nina Bagley,  all the girls produced some amazing work and where very enthusiastic.


Keron Lee


the very enigmatic Mandy H

 Mandy W
Sue the quiet achiever

Svetlana the deep thinker
a night photo of the group, a bit dark
and our teacher for three days in a rare moment of relaxation
following is just a peek at the very creative work done by the girls

 Please don't download any photo's of artwork as these belong to the girls they will know which is theirs
at the end of the day a welcome fire was waiting to relax before the evening meal and then for some it was back up to the workroom until all hours of the night

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dwellingup 2011

The time has finally arrived, for over a year ago we organised another Art Retreat with Nina Bagley at Dwellingup.  A year ago it seemed so far away and now it has crept up on me and is next week.  I am pretty much organised, stock packed, tools and materials for the workshop sorted, accommodation and meals all confirmed, now just last minute things ie pack my bag.
Nina and Mandy from Queensland arrive Saturday afternoon so will have no time once they arrive,  I want to do some baking to take down for Monday, prepare meals for John (bless him).
It is such a shame that Corrine in New Zealand had to cancel, it would have been wonderful in Glenorchie I am sure there would be snow.  It is such a big task to organise an art retreat and made all the more difficult for Corinne with the remoteness (which would have made it magical) of her locality.  I am sure her thoughts will be with us next week.
I will take lots of photo's to share with you the week following the retreat.
take care and I will be back in 2 weeks