Thursday, March 22, 2012


Grrrh had to bite the bullet and get a couple of fillings done this morning.  Don't get me wrong I am very grateful that I can afford to look after my teeth.  A couple of friends in the USA who are also poor artists, cannot afford health care over there and they both have faced horrendous dental treatment recently.  Its just I have this terrible fear of dentist's.  It dates back to when I was about 10 and we where living on Waipoao Station, NZ and several times a year a group of us where taken to Whatatutu Primary School where they had a Dental clinic.  I was the first one in, and my mum always taught me to be truthful, when the other kids asked if it hurt, me and my honest big mouth told them it did.  I got hauled over the coals and wrapped across the knuckles with a wooden ruler, and that has stayed in my memory forever.  I know its all in my mind, but when that drill starts up I clench up, hands, feet, eyes and just about every other muscle in my body.  I know you are probably are saying "what a  sook", but you know, I am usually pretty tough when it comes to pain, but that drill starts every nerve screaming, get me out of here.
enjoy your weekend, the weather is just pure bliss in my little corner of the world and I intend to take advantage of it.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Have you tried roasted beetroot??? its delicious especially when nice and fresh.  I try to cook a roast at least once a week, great value for money, as plenty of cold meat for Johns lunch's.  The price of meat here is pretty horrendous, the only roast I can afford these days is chicken.  And sometimes pork, lamb or beef you can never get anything under $20 so its off the menu, in fact I am seriously thinking about going vegetarian again.  The meat does'nt taste all that great either.  Anyway back to my free range chicken.  Which does taste delicious.
 I love to add kumara, (these are really nice at the moment) beetroot, shallots, potato (John only), not pictured here as they are not in the shops at the moment is Jap Pumpkin and the aniseed bulb split down the middle.
 Now I have a really bad secret, see that above, its the chicken neck, all crispy and hot, I tear it off when its cooked and eat it.  I know, I know I shouldn't as its very fatty, but oh, it tastes so good, especially straight out of the oven, while the chicken is resting.  Now I am not likely to get onto My Kitchen Rules in the near future, or ever come to that.  But can't say I agree with resting the roast, steaks yes, but I like my roast really hot!!!!
And this is John's tea, mine is about half that, not potatoes, but then I did eat that chicken neck, but I didn't put it on my plate, does that count.........

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I am not really very domesticated but I like to pretend sometimes. Today I needed to make more muesli bars for John's lunch box, being my usual impulsive self, thought as I had the oven on I might as well make something else as well. Found my trusty Edmonds recipe book which is falling apart at my favourite recipes, must be over 40 years old, doesn't always see the light of day, but today it ended up on my bench. This trusty little recipe book brings back fond memories of my mum, my nana and my mother-in-law Gladys as I know they all had copies and all very good cooks, nothing fancy but good honest tasty food. I had a hankering for something ginger. Ginger cake seemed like a good choice and I had all the ingredients in the pantry.

It turned out just as I like, moist and wonderful flavour of ginger. When I was in Europe I found their cakes quite dry, my taste is to moist cakes, another favourite is banana cake, a favourite of my dearest dad as well. Well as you can see there is a piece missing, that was my morning tea.
Have a good weekend

Friday, March 2, 2012

Monster Garage Sale

Hey, we are having a Monster garage sale this Sunday, at Guildford Town Hall.  Cnr James and Meadow Streets, Guildford.  Time early 8 am to 12 am.
Joanne, Jessica, Phil and me, there will be lots of junk going cheap, if you are not doing anything on Sunday, mosey over and have a look.  Say hi before you leave.
Have a wonderful long weekend