Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Workshop with Beryl Taylor

Last week it was my good fortune to do a workshop with the lovely Beryl Taylor in Perth, West Australia.

The project we did was 'finding the heart of the book'. I chose this class because I love books and journals.

This is the first process of making the book which we completed before lunch break, as you can see looks as if a mouse has been chewing on the centre but all will be revealed in the finished book. What looks like icing is in actual fact crackle paste.

This is the finished project, colours didnt photograph very well, in true colour very rich gold colours with touches of green.

What I really enjoyed about this project was learning to mix the Golden fluid colours together especially the gold with magenta or turquoise, colours came up like a very soft lumiere colour. Mixing water with the fluids gave lovely soft colours, just like water colours. Will be creating more with these mediums

I would recommend Beryl Taylor's classes to everyone, her art is inspiring, I will be making more of these books.


jo said...

This book looks even better in real life, the colours are so rich and it has an amazing texture.
Great job Mum!!!

Judy said...

OOOOOHHHHH Jacky - wow your blogging now-how exciting for us. Your book looks magnificent and thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, much appreciated as always.

Anonymous said...

hey jacky i found your blog.
i am pleased to say i have been lucky enough to see your beautiful work in person. I look forward to seeing more of your blogs in the future.
lisa crofts