Friday, October 19, 2007

Gaining positivity over negativity

Over the last few weeks I have been experiencing some negativity around me, I try very hard to be a positive person, believing that one should treat others as you would like to be treated. My dearest dad always taught us this, but on entering into business I find this law of attraction does not always come into being. In my constant search for peace and harmony I find that it is quite a battle.

I would like to share some of the things that I am learning on my journey that may help you if you are also experiencing negativity.

From a review on Lynn Grabhorn's book "Excuse me, Your life is Waiting"

from the book is Four Steps to turn the Law of Attraction into positive tools are:

Step 1 - identify what you don't want

Step 2 - identify what you DO want

Step 3 - Get into the feeling place of what you want

Step 4 - expect, listen, and allow it to happen

In other words, you manifest your own reality.

In the book, you are given some examples of how to proceed with the steps 1 to 4, how to learn to love who we are, and how to get ourselves to the place we want to be. She recommends that we start an "Appreciation" journal, something similar to Oprah's "Gratitude" Journal.

I challenge anyone who should read my blog to start one of these journals.

In starting mine here are some of the things I am grateful for -

I am grateful for my wonderful Husband, children, sisters, grandchildren, parents and friends all in equal place in my heart

I am grateful I live in a house that doesnt have dirt floors, with all my treasured belongings around me, oh dear isnt that very materialistic, I am grateful though.
I am grateful I do not live in constant fear in a war torn country.

I am grateful that I receive bills in the post, because these bills mean that I receive these services.
I would love you to share some of the things you do to stay positive.

You can read more reviews on, or better still purchase one of Lynn's books or one of the many other books on this subject and find the one you can relate to. One I get a lot of inspiration from is "The Secret", very easy to read for busy people. And start that journal and write one thing a day on something you are grateful for.

Tess is my daughter Kirsty's beloved border collie who had to be put to sleep yesterday and dear Kirsty is just heartbroken. Just a few heartfelt words to say goodbye to Tess.

Tess you have been part of our family for over 13 years. We are blessed to have such wonderful years with you. You spent 3 months with me while Kirsty went on her overseas trip, I am so gratefull that you accepted me as your keeper while your soulmate went exploring on the other side of the world. You always greeted us with such enthusiam and made us feel like your long lost friend. With time age dimmed your eyesight and hearing, you could no longer go for your long walks, your presence will still be felt and you will be missed. Our lives were richer with having you part of our family. chase those clouds around in heaven Tess.

These are the last photo's of the wonderful Tess taken just a few weeks age, still the classy looking gal she was. Much loved and missed. big hugs to Kirsty, Pete, Jack and Alyssa. xo


Ro Bruhn said...

I also keep a 'positive' journal where I write my aspirations and gratitude and any sayings I find that relate to my thoughts, it's very therapeutic

jo said...

Tears in my eyes!! We will all mis sweet Tess.

Julie H said...

Oh Jacky having lost my beautiful old Maggie this year, I do understand, I am all choked up for your family and send you my thoughts and prayers. Your Tess looks lovely - and she always will be, in your heart.