Friday, May 7, 2010

Mothers Day

tomorrow is Mothers Day, happy Mothers Day to all those readers who are also Mothers. My mother has been gone about 16 years and I miss her so very much. I was truly blessed with a mother who believed in everything I did (mmh not quite everything), was never judgemental, never believed I could do anything wrong. She made us the most beautiful clothes, show day we always got a lovely new dress, and I felt like a little princess, which was pretty amazing as most of the time I was this ferral skinny kid with wild curly hair and freckles. My dad was a painter and decorator and spent a lot of time away from home painting in the country, this didn't stop mum from taking us out at night, my biggest fears where at night (growing up in rural NZ with story telling sessions with my Moari friends on ghost's from their rich cultural beliefs, water spirits where the ones I feared most), I never saw any fear from her when we walked in the dark, with us four girls that close to her it was a wonder she could walk at all. In later years I realised how patient my mother was, we where constantly moving around, I never heard her complain about it, as long as she had her husband by her side and her four daughters that was where home was, she didn't really get a chance to buy nice home things and made do with what she could but it was always homely.New show dresses, mum and me on the right side with my auntie and cousins at the Gisborne show, see those cool vintage cars.
Love and miss you mum.....

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lilylovekin said...

What wonderful memories you have of your mother. And I love the old photos. I hope you have a happy mothers day yourself.