Saturday, May 5, 2012

Coolgardie Meat Safe

Today on a wet and rainy day, yes we finally got one, several in fact, we went into the city to pass some time.  wandering around we came across this great exhibition in the town hall.  Coolgardie meat safe's turned into something very creative.  The scrim on the side of the safe's would have been kept wet and this kept the safe and food in it cool, this was before refrigerators.  John remembers they had one in NZ with wire mesh not the scrim when he was a kid.

This one here was fascinating, the Ugly Mens Association, not sure if still going, but they helped soldiers out when they came back from the war, repairing houses and that sort of thing, not sure why the ugly bit.

and this one man band was playing in Hay Street Mall, can you see that young man just busting his moves, oblivious, just in the zone.  And look at the young girl she just joined in too, smiley faces.  I really admire how the young men are not so inhibited now!

Can you see the string going up to the drums, he shuffled around to beat the drums, strummed the banjo, blew on the mouth organ and sang too, what an act.  I love street acts.
Have a good weekend

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I see what you mean by the busker. I like the way you have included the man and little girl dancing to the music.