Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tuesday class

last Tuesday we explored different mediums to create interesting journal pages and this week we will be collating these pages into a little handmade journal.  We used Golden Fluid Acrylic paint watered down to create a watercolour effects, great to find more uses for materials we have in our stash.

I learnt this neat little technique for making these journals at New Norcia earlier in the year.  No stitching, no glueing, just paper assembled with paper.  How cool is this!! In the background you can see another technique we played with, writing with inks and then putting them under running water, the brown one is distress ink which is water soluble and the pink one drawing ink.  The top smaller page is fluid acrylics blown with a straw.

and this page was a technique where you put your paper in the oven, pretty good effect too.  These techniques I learnt from a new book I recently bought from Dymocks "The Complete Decorated Journal" by Gwen Diehn, I have another of her books that I really like as well.  Yesterday I bought "Artists Journal Workshop" by Cathy Johnson from Planet Books in Mt Lawley.  I do buy books in the shops here when I can find them, but, so often I cannot find them, then I buy from the UK Book Depository where you get free freight.  I would have saved about 6 weeks buying online but then I would have to wait for them, not so good at waiting.

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