Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cooking drama's

 I thought I would fill you in on my attempt at cooking a special meal for easter.  Well,  as I am good at multi tasking as you know. Didn't read the instructions before hand, who does that!!!!  Note to self "don't even think about attempting cooking while John is outside laying a retaining wall or any other project, he needs to be sitting in front of the TV not needing any input from me!!!!!
Took him out a glass of cold water, after I had put the walnuts onto hotplate to brown, big mistake, after debating on how the retaining wall should go, smelt something burning, thought, must be the apple cider and honey the roast is cooking in, few seconds later, on entering the kitchen smell is getting stronger, on no, burnt walnuts.  Just chuck out the worst burnt ones.  After finally getting everything cooked, the meat that was supposed to be resting for 15 mins got a longer rest, like 30 mins.  I have decided these meal recipes are meant for people with large ovens, to fit 3 items in (of course if I had read the directions i would have realised I should of cooked the walnut pie about 5 hours earlier, hell who has time to stand around cooking that long, not me, not  when you are running around to Bunnings etc to get materials for said retaining wall.  Oh well, the meat was delicious if a  tad on luke warm side, the braised potatoes (what was I thinking, braised, that means baking in water, I don't even like stews) half way through woke up to myself and tipped the water out and just let them bake, they where ok, prefer proper baked spuds. the zucchini dish was great, yay, one success, but then it wasn't cooked in the oven.  The walnut pie, the crust had burnt, matched the walnuts, was able to scrape some of the burnt bits off, plenty of ice cream and thick cream kind of drowned the burnt taste.  I think I should just stick to what I know.

Retaining wall finished.  Now John has decided that the ones we put in last year are back to front, wants to lift them all and turn around to match these ones.   When we got the first ones there was no indication on how to lay them, thought the rough edge should be on the back, seeing these ones, I think they look better here.  A winter job maybe.
Visited Raymon, he is looking good and is quite happy, set my mind at rest, I was worried.  He is getting used to the fact that he will never be able to eat solid food or enjoy the taste of food.
enjoy the rest of your easter break

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Looks great the retaining wall. Can see John is a real perfectionist. Shame about the cooking. I am not very good at doing three things at once, really stressing me out. Today is my first day of feeling a little better. Am really pleased Raymond is feeling better. Give him my love and best wishes x x