Thursday, August 29, 2013


After almost two years, fingers crossed, prayers to above, Raymon is over the hurdle of cancer.  Although the cancer was diagnosed as in remission over a year ago the ongoing effects of the radiation has been a problem.  When they extracted his back teeth for the radiation, they broke a piece of bone off and didn't extract it.  After many months of pain and the inability to open his mouth properly they re operated to remove it.  He had about 5 days a week for 6 weeks in the hyperbarick (not sure of spelling, its where divers go when they get the bends) before operation and another two after, its all now finished.  Other than the fact he cannot eat normal food, inability to swallow and no taste he is looking healthy.  While in hospital a nurse who had same cancer and lost her ability to eat told him, her taste came back after 3 years, so he has that to look forward to.  There are lots worse off than him, it was our scare and we are only too grateful that he came through it all.  Now he is getting his life back on track, his marriage has broken down but is still very good friends with his wife.  Onwards and upwards Raymon, we love you.


Phillipa. said...

lookin good Raymon...all the best mate.

Phillipa. said...
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