Friday, October 18, 2013

this is what we have been waiting for

At last SOLD SOLD SOLD.  Settlement date 20 December.  Yaghhhh, dealing with buying a block, selling a house, settlement agents and on and on it goes.  Arranging removalists to move all your household 200 kilometres, trying to tie it up with finding a rental property.  whesh, just as well John retires in a couple of weeks and we will be retiree's, or sort of, then its sorting through all the stuff before the big move, have you seen the stuff we have accumulated!!!!! luckily the new owner didn't want settlement until late December, more breathing time for us.  Then the fun stuff will start building a kit home, Storybook home, where they build to lockup and then we sub contract out the work, that will be interesting, but we can do it!!!!  Off to New Zealand Sunday for 10 days.  My great grandfather was Chinese and they are putting on a reunion for all his descendants, he had 7 children and most of them had between 6 and 8 each, so will be very interesting.  I have been making a journal to get all the details, will share with you tomorrow.
Have a good weekend

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