Monday, January 20, 2014

getting to know Donnybrook and surrounding areas

I think I have found the place to call home.  I am so loving Donnybrook and enjoying exploring the town.
Have found a great walk which takes me about 40 mins down one side of the river, across the weir and back the other side.  It is so hot here at the moment so I leave my walk until around that time, the wind has come up and cooled it down somewhat.
The monthly market is great for plants and produce and I am thinking of having a stall just to let people know what I am doing and its a great way to meet and chat to people.  We visited the Busselton Market on Sunday but don't think I would do very well there and it would mean leaving around  6 am.  Will have to see if there is a more specialised fair for Art and Craft.  We are meeting up with the agent for Storybook cottages on Saturday which will be great, need to know what trees will need to be cut down, one large gumtree on the front will have to come down and I expect a couple on the boundary.  We will be able to start making plans.
Have joined a great art community that meets each Wednesday for 5 hours, this is exciting for me as I need to get back into my art, at the moment its like a treasure hunt finding particular things, gradually pulling supplies out.
Not a lot to share with you at the moment just letting you know I am here and happy.

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Hi sis
Glad you are settling in well. And that is great you have joined an Art community. You will get to meet like minded individuals. Can you give me your postal address. As I write this would you believe it is raining quite heavily. Shall I send some your way.