Sunday, July 13, 2014

Display at Art Geo Busselton

 The history of this wonderful building, the Old Court house and Jail is fascinating in itself. This is one of the open cells, note the rings on the wall and the wood flagstones on the floor.  At least the prisoners in this cell had company and a view of sorts.
 Walking down the long passage with the cells on the left, would have been freezing in the winter and sweltering in the summer.
 Stretching out your arms your could touch both side walls at once, window is too high to see out.  This cell has been lined with timber so the prisoner could not scratch his way out of the limestone walls.  Tin in the corner would be the toilet so you would sleep with it next to your face unless you slept the other way around. Nowhere for the smell to go, pretty barbaric in those times.

There are about 6 rooms of varying size for exhibiting art, looking through these two you can see down to the cells.  See how thick the walls are in the window sill.
 Down a couple of steps into the space we had for our exhibition, Robins rag rugs hang on the wall.
Glass showcases where perfect for my book art, preventing them from being handled.  More of Robins beautiful rugs in vibrant colours.  One of Claires mosaic birdhouse on the window sill.
 Claires beautiful mosaic teapots, Robins art rugs, isn't that one with the cockatoo's truly amazing, and my art journals that where for sale.

It was a lovely experience and we got a lot of positive comments on our first exhibition, was good advertising.

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feel as if im related to a famous artess