Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Garden progress

31st December 2014 just after we moved in, Summer to hot to do much

29th April 2015 putting in retaining walls, nearing Autumn ground still hard

2nd September 2015 winter ground now soft enough to work.

Eastern side of house drainage dug

22 October 2015 Spring and finally finished. Metal grate drainage along front and side of veranda, blue metal on the paths. We had to drain all water away from the house to prevent damage to the stumps of the house.

birdhouse back up after some repairs. Step at end of veranda. Roses starting to flower

Eastern side of house with a retaining wall.  In Autumn will do this side of the house with a dry creek bed and trees and shrubs its 4 metres wide but just a wire fence separating us so doesn't feel closed in.

From the road looking down the bank the trees here are now growing well, flowering plum and grevillea's for the birds and privacy.

Dark grey concrete slabs along in front of veranda, lovely to sit out here now.

Out the back looking down on the landing pad (septic tank) geranium cuttings growing well.  can you see the Queen Annes lace at back between birdhouse and birdbath and dark pink hollyhock behind birdbath. Just trying to create something pleasant to look down on.

and my straw bed vege garden, not much in it yet.
The five year plan is on track and looking nice, very satisfying.

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