Thursday, October 22, 2015

days 25 to completion

turned it over and dirtied it up. Not comfortable with those colours.

take it right back some interesting colours now coming through

a bit of structure


a stencil or three

a bit of light
I have enjoyed this whole exercise, experimenting with shape, form and colour.  The best part was just letting go and having no expectation of where I was going with it. I am happy with the end result and would like to get started with another canvas this style.  Have to put it aside for a little while, 4 weeks until I go to America. I have three markets and 4 acrylic workshops to do in that time. Although I have all my stock made for the markets there is the time factor of loading the van, unloading and setting stall up, then at the end of the market doing it all over again.  It is very tiring,  need a day to get over it.  The acrylic workshops are over two days and we have to travel down to Albany and stay three nights.  There is a lot of prep work involved in workshops,  I will need the two weeks left before going away, to recuperate, and do last minute preparations for trip.  Will be getting back into painting all inspired from the Golden Acrylic Conference in Miami and lots of goodies to play around with.