Friday, November 2, 2007

email from the past

today when I down loaded my emails there was one from Kevin Watts. I was in the same class as Kevin at Intermediate School, when I was about 13. I joined a website group aimed at making contact with old school friends in New Zealand, and have had contact with quite a few old friends since. I haven't seen Kevin since those school days oh so long ago. I received a phone call and what turned out to be probably the longest conversation I have ever had with Kevin, as back in those days I was not at all confident in talking to boys!!! and what I perceived as quiet and reserved was in fact shyness. I now find that Kevin and I shared a sense of adventure, he has travelled to remote parts throughout the world for many years marrying later in life. Whereas I spent all my childhood travelling from one station to another in rural New Zealand I married young and had my children and started travelling later in life. Then I received another phone call from the lovely Mandy in Queensland. This girl is going a hundred miles an hour, going back to get her degree in visual arts and bringing up her two children on her own, you go girl, what an inspiration. I have made some wonderful friends through this mixed media art business not only throughout Australia but the USA and New Zealand as well. I often rant and rage about modern technology and computers in particular, it can be so damn frustrating and waste so much of my valuable time, but on the other side of the coin it makes the world more accessible.

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Karen said...

What a great story!