Friday, November 16, 2007

Sisters on holiday

Last week two of my sisters and myself spent a week down south of Western Australia to celebrate a 60th birthday. It was a week of laughter, fun and lots of reminiscing.

This dearest of sisters doesn't share our passion for vintage collectables, but waits patiently while we rummage through all sorts of treasures, this is some of our stash we stowed in the car to bring home.

At the small country town Wagin we stepped back in time and went through their heritage village lots of vintage items to delight in, this was in the dressmakers shop.

How tempting where these old typeset keys, I could reach out and touch, what I could do with them but alas not for sale.

How cool are these, for a vintage artist just way much to temptation, but not for sale

Can you see that wonderful old album and what about those feather quills.

we saw rugged windy coastlines down the bottom of Australia, across the seas one would arrive at the Antartic, millions of years ago Australia, New Zealand, Africa, India where all joined to Antartica these rugged rocks give you an idea of how the land broke up and the seas smoothed them out. This was called Godwana (not sure if spelling is correct) pretty awesome, out on this gap it was very windy, not birds around, guess there little wings could not cope.

From rough seas to tranquil inland rivers, isnt that inviting!

This very secluded spot on the hottest day we shucked off clothes and cooled off in lovely cold water, no you cannot see those photo's!!

Wonderful old forrests with giant old old trees, if they could only talk. They have built a wonderful tree walk up into the top of the trees, Wonderful!

This enormous tree was used as a fire lookout, would have to scoot down pretty quickly if there was a fire coming.

I often climbed trees as a child so could not resist climbing the tree, (not the best view) I climbed to the top then back down, wooow my legs where like jelly and paid for it with screaming thigh muscles for the next three days, you would think I would have learnt by now.

how precious is this days old guinea pig and how gentle are the hands that cradle it!

this friendly guy called in for breakfast, he wasn't going to let that peice of bread go

this delightful home in Albany is the first established farm in Western Australia, the gardens where glorious and the home so quirky, the walls bowed and bulged in different places.
We had a wonderful time and it was over to soon. If you have read this far, thank you for your interest. bye for now


Karen said...

Dear Jacky, glad to see that you had such a lovely time and are safely home again.

Ro Bruhn said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time, it's great for sisters to get together occasionally for bonding, I have a terrific sister but our lives are so busy, we really don't see each other as much as we'd like.


Im glad you loved it down south I live here in Albany and it is a beautiful place. Next time you come down I would love to have you for coffee and CAKE! lol Im starved of great mixed media company here and I really enjoyed visiting your shop in July 07. Lovely pictures you did a very good job showing the best of our world down south. smiles Michelle

Judy said...

Wow, that last photo is sooooo amazing Jacky. Cant believe you climbed that tree - onya!!!!!!

Sue Smith said...

Hi Jacky,

I'm glad you made your way to beautiful Albany. I'm completely biased, but I think it is one of the most beautiful places in the world!!! Strawberry Hill Farm is so quaint.

I'm sure you don't remember, but I met you earlier this year at the Art Journey Retreat in Fremantle. I'm am so thankful for having had the oportunity to attended and met some truly amazing and gifted people. It was such an inspiration - so thanks again for all of your efforts.

I haven't been to Perth for quite some time, but I'll be dropping in the shop when I do.

Freehartz said...

Hi y'all from Canada! Love seeing your beautiful art - inspired me! And I love seeing people out and enjoying themselves, definitely!
Wish I could see your things up close and go 'hunting' around for neat vintage stuff!

Keep on going!