Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas at Artistic Journey

The christmas tree we have in the window is one we have had for about 4 years, the first year I had it at home, then the next year I brought it into the shop where it looked lovely and snowy white, but the next year when we went to put it up one side had yellowed. We guessed the sun had yellowed it so we turned it around so the white side looked out the window and this year we have a very vintage looking tree, sun can be good!!!
This year we didnt have a lot of time to make new decorations so we used what we had and made a woodsy tree, we had these long twisted bare branch's that the dear Sunny had got for us at a sale in a nursery, so draped them around the tree. Popped in some nest's with quail's eggs that we had in the window previously and occassianally there would be a loud crack like someone had thrown a stone at the window but on closer inspection, one of the eggs had exploded in the sun, pooh the sulpher smell. Some old artificial rose garlands seemed to fit in nicely a few of Anthony's (Jo's Husband) rustic bird houses and tin teddy bears and wella tree done.
In the image below you can see how yellow the tree has got, it does not show up in the other images.
We made up a lot of journals for christmas, they look good in the shabby cabinets dont they!!
We made up these journals from Cavalini Folders and I used one to journal my holiday with my sisters last month. The pages inside are the beautiful Magnini papers and I just printed my photo's and journalling straight on to these papers, I was pleased with how good they looked, and printing them straight onto the paper saves so much time, took me about 2 hours to colate my photo's and put down my memories.

How good is this idea for wrapping your gifts, I saw this idea in a magazine (I am a real magazine junkie). A brown paper bag, the sort with raffia handles and a flat bottom, some nice tissue poking out the top, attach a photo (mine is a Cavalini postcard) with a small bulldog clip or wooden clothes peg, I have also added a soldered microscope slide. So don't throw away you shopping bags fold them down flat and recycle when the need arises, some of the shops package your purchases in lovely paper bags, I got a lovely pink one at a lovely french giftware shop I discovered last week. hmmm

I will try and photo my home christmas decorations for you and post before Christmas.

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