Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas to you all

Best wishes for 2008, may it be a creative prosperous year for you all. Above is the Christmas Journal I put in an earlier blog displayed on my lovely old chipped paint mantle peice, of course there is no fire opening behind the mantlepeice, I just love it to display pretty things on.
These are sitting on top of the heater that sits below the mantlepeice. Can you see that lovely old shoe last still with a scrap of old metal, all rusty on top.And this lovely little old metal cabinet sits in the corner of the window above the bench in the kitchen. Its a lovely faded mint colour. This little cabinet along with the shoe last, I bought while on my week away with my sisters. I ended up buying two of these cabinets, the other is cream and its in my studio. Why two, well they are hard to find, really cheap $25 each and I could always find somewhere to put them. Use them in displays at fairs as well. Well have I justified my purchases.

This christmas I have not put up as many decorations as usual, time was a big factor. I like to put these green swags of eucalytus leaves and nuts that I got several years ago, on the top of the curtains, only thing is close up view of said curtains showed how dusty they where. Consequently curtains had to be dragged down to wash along with the long lacey ones over the doors above. Hanging the curtains on the line the long curtains had disintergrated into great big holes, much to large to disguise as antique lace, so ended up in the bin. Fortunately I had a set of these lovely gauzy curtains I had bought from Freedom about a year ago waiting for the bedroom to be painted, saved the day and I like the way they puddle on the floor.

Today is the last day the shop is open until I re-open on the 2nd January 2008. I have 4 of my granddaughters here scrapbooking while Jo wraps christmas gifts. I find with the shop I dont really get much chance to just be Grandma and I really enjoy their company. I will have 2 of my grandchildren from the country staying with us for a few days after christmas, I intend to not try and do anything ie housework and just enjoy them. Hope you all enjoy the break as well.


Judy said...

It all looks so magnificent Jacky.
Wishing you and all your family a happy holidays and all teh very best for the New Year.

Ro Bruhn said...

I'm a bit late Jacky but I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy your break and time with your grand children.