Tuesday, June 24, 2008

beach glass

On a Saturday after shutting the shop at 2.00pm Joanne, girls and myself travelled about 30 minutes to a local beach. It was a lovely day and the sea shimmered like glass, there was a pod of surfers bobbing about in the surf like sleek black seals. It was a challenge trying to find sea glass. We could not find any on the beach. There was quite a strong undertow and we found sea glass tumbled up with shells and sand, you would spot a lovely piece of white sea glass swirling in the surf but by the time you spotted it then tried to quickly grab the wash was pulling back again and everything with it. The kids loved trying to snatch them up but ended up all wet, I think that was the whole idea of it. some of the sea glass we found, ground smooth with the tumbling action of the waves. My favourite is the shade of pale green glass unfortunately none turned up this day, are the brown pieces beer bottles do you think? as the surf hits the sand it looks like bubbling boiling milk, all frothy
further out you can see the power and pull of the sea on these waves, perfect for surfing
I find the surfers mesmerising, which one will they choose, then the graceful elegance of balancing on that board as the swell of the wave sends them racing into shore, so much fun.
Time at the ocean is so treasured, I love the powerful surges, the rhythmic pounding of the surf hitting the shore, sand or rocks. the smells. The sound is so relaxing, great way to get rid of stress. Oh a little cottage by the sea, how idyllic. The sound of the surf is a great way to drift off to sleep. I am no great swimmer, as I am short sighted, I never venture further out than where my feet still touch the ground. I also have a very healthy respect for the sea and prefer the safer shores. Our sea's are on the west coast and can be quite treacherous and need to be treated with respect at all times.

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