Friday, June 6, 2008

A day with Nina

It was with great trepidation that I had Nina stay 2 nights and 1 day with me in my home, was our home good enough, I follow my own style and not sure how other people perceive my tastes, very vintage, very shabby oh well, nina is my friend and I am sure she wouldn't judge me. We arrived back from Dwellingup on Sunday and Mandy Woodham took nina to the Fremantle markets and to meet her lovely friend dropping nina over to my home later. Meanwhile I had the pleasure of giving Karen a quick tiki tour around Perth city before taking her to the airport. Kings Park with wonderful views over the city, and it being Mothers Day there was lots of family on this lovely sunny day celebrating mothers.

Monday morning I had made an appointment for nina to visit with the lovely girls at perth college, a private school for girls from Kindie up to graduation. A very lovely young girl Maegen (hoped that was spelt correctly) who is a very talented artist already at a very tender age, showed us proudly around their amazing art department, and proud she should be, wonderful light filled studios to create in. Nina, misty mawn and teesha moore are all mentor to these girls in the arts section and you could see the influence in the many beautiful peices we had the pleasure of seeing. We where treated to a lovely morning tea and nina was made a great fuss of. They had a most beautiful chapel, we requested permission to enter to take photo's.

I didnt take many photo's, bit intimidated by nina's talents with her camera. The photo on my blog of self was taken by nina outside the chapel, as I am like a lot of people, I hate having my photo taken but thought this was a really nice photo.

After Perth college I wanted to share with nina my love of the aboriginal culture, creative native seemed a good choice in our limited time. nina was entranced and a lovely young aboriginal boy demonstrated the different didgereedoo's for her, amazing artwork we both would have loved to purchase, particulary those painted onto belgian linen instead of canvas giving a real rustic look to the contemporary style.

We finished up at the Perth Mint for a high tea lunch and pretended we where ladies, bit hard but I think we pulled it off. It was a perfect Perth autumn day for two friends to spend together, first time I had time with nina on my own, how lucky am I.

Delivered nina to the airport early tuesday morning for her flight onto to Melbourne which Joanne, Mandy W and I followed early wednesday morning to the Melbourne Art Journey retreat.

Cobwebs in the bush at dwellingup in the early morning mist.

could be lace curtains

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Judy said...

glad you got some time alone with Nina.