Friday, August 15, 2008

Being Creative

I have not had time to update my blog for a little while. We had a craft fair here in Perth that we exhibited in, so much work! Then there was stocktaking (a bit late I agree) and getting the shop back into order after the fair. Recently I have been working my butt off making a baby journal for my niece's newborn (that was in May) baby daughter Miller, Phillipa's granddaughter. Will share with you, I liked the really soft colours and followed some of the techniques from Corey Moortgat's book the art of personal imagery. I really liked how she incorporates collage papers into her pages, I covered them with a light coat of white acrylic to blend them into the background.
No great artist but you will agree it is childlike. These and the following pages are for Karen to journal in.The birds on the wire are created from the Coffee break design that we got into the shop recently and sold out within days, fortunately we kept one for us to try, it is so versatile. The baby clothes on the line on I painted freehand, they look ok don't they?

These pages are for Phillipa to journal, on her feelings about Miller as her new Granddaughter.

I have journal led these next few pages as the keeper of our family history. I have made Miller's journal on her maternal line and therefor included history and photo's of her maternal grandmother, great grandmother, great great grandmother and great, great great grandmother which is as far back as I have information on. A line of strong creative women that Miller can be proud of. The pages above are of Phillipa's and my mother. ie Great Grandmother.

And finally on the right great, great grandmother with photo's and on the left just written history on 3 times great and a little on 4 times great grandmother of which I have no photo's. The journal size is 23 x 25 cm, I have used 300gsm rives watercolour paper.

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