Friday, August 15, 2008

Apron Art

Just before the craft fair I painted this Artist Apron bag that we sell in the shop for $43.90. It is made of a heavy duty canvas fabric similar to that used in better quality suitcases. It has compartments for paint brushes, tools and paper pads holding easily an A3 pad. It also folds up to a handy portfolio bag. It took me all of 10 minutes to paint. I painted over the white printing on the pocket with golden black gesso. Paynes grey, Quin Nickel Azzo gold and Titanium white are the golden acrylics used to paint the pocket on the right bottom. Heavy body acrylic is necessary for this substrate as the fluids would not show up. I used a Golden stencil that Joanne cut out for me with black paint. The other stencils are all Coffee Break Design, using the paint left on my palette. The man on the bottom left is the cut out piece from the top stencil. I did put some double sided tape to hold it down but would not stick so just held it in place with the end of a long paintbrush then painted Titanium white over the top. I like this one better than the top ones as the black image of the cloth stands out well. For any of you wanting to paint your travel bags, use Golden heavy body paints, it stands out, vibrant colours, dries quickly and stands up to all the rough handling your bags take when travelling. I have painted one of my travel bags and also glued 7 gypsy tissue paper with PVA glue makes your bags are easily recognisable when they come through on the moving gondoliers at the airport. Creates a lot of interest and great talking point. So go get out your paints and brushes before you go travelling.

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Judy said...

Looks great Jacky. Sharon pointed them out to me in the shop. I am not an apron kinda girl otherwise the concept is marvellous and your is awesome.
Nice catching up with you over the weekend too.