Friday, September 26, 2008

Spring in Dwellingup

Dwellingup is a favourite place for me and it was there recently that I took the following photo's. Designing Women a group I belong with goes in September each year an opportunity I don't like to miss. 2 days of crafting with like minded women. This year we did some felting and created these crazy women dolls out of felt, beads, charms etc, it was fun and relaxing. Some new faces added to the mix. The beautiful spring blossoms where in full bloom

Graceful double daffodils swaying in the breezes on their long stems

Fat buds on the wisteria just opening up to the sun
Red japonica glistening with dew The beautiful delicate colour of the winter rose, real name escapes me

The beautiful parakeet's with their stunning coloured plumage seemed to pose for the camera they look stunning against the blue sky, they look as if they are just soaking up the warmth of the sun after the cold of winter.

Is this not an idyllic rural scene, they where keeping a close eye on me with my camera, actually zoom lens come in real handy at times.

Beauty in the Australian bush
Bull rushes shedding their winter coats ready for new growth

Subtle shades of white are favourites of mine

Finally my shadow in a pool of water, lovely Australian colours


Karen said...

Hi Jacky - gorgeous, gorgeous photos of that wonderful place. I think the winter rose is a hellebore.

Judy said...

stunning photos and post, great advertising for australia. xo