Friday, February 13, 2009

what we call work

Joanne and I have been very busy making samples for workshops, and as like most of our projects they take a lot of time preparing and creating new projects. From the following photo's you can see we work in chaos but it is the only way we can be creative and not bogged down with keeping things tidy. I don't have time to fold fabrics back up and put them away as I work, generally they are flicked to the side as I follow a theme of colour or design, hence it all piles up, but at a glance I can see what I want. I work in an ever decreasing space and sometimes I do have to tidy up a bit to fit in the sewing machine to stitch part of a page. This is what I love to do just follow where it will take me. It takes us quite a while preparing projects as we also have a business to run, orders to fill and send on their way to hopefully an eagerly waiting customer. Then there is weekly classes to teach (then we have to clear everything away), accounting, art retreat preparations, computor updates, stock orders, shop customers who I am always only to ready to talk about what we do (probably drive them nuts with my passion) mmmmh do we do all that, and more I haven't named for example phone calls, we wouldn't have it any other way. See creative chaos of Jacky and Jo.

See my lovely Jo working diligently away, I work on the opposite side of the trestle. We work on a trestle each but there is another one at the end we manage to cover and normally there would be another trestle at bottom end (we would probably have that covered too) this trestle is in the shop for sale items. Ever faithful sewing machine that gets lugged around everywhere.

fabrics where they fall, crepe paper, jars of vintage buttons and ribbons within hands reach.cups of coffee, paints, gesso, scraps of paper waiting to be cleaned away, doesn't that look like fun, well its also work for us, we don't make a lot of money but we are happy in what we do. and finally happy valentines day to you all, family and friends a valentine card to you, just to let you know that I love you all.

Jacky xo


Judy said...

Now that table kinda looks familiar - i know how long it takes to come up with new projects too. happy Valentines day to you too.

protea said...

as usual it runs in the family and we are so lucky to taking the risk and soaring with the eagles and not stuck to the ground like the turkeys who gobble gobble about what they do and never do it feel the wind beneath you my beautiful sis

jo said...

these were so much fun to make!! and yes, we do create a huge mess it must be a genetic thing!