Friday, March 20, 2009

changes in the wind

I have strong feelings of changes coming on, Jo and I, making new plans for our business, a new direction or enforcing original plans. John and I looking at new ventures in our journey. We have been married 43 years, sounds like a long time but there is comfort in the continuity of a long relationship, he is my best friend (not counting sisters) and knows me well, we where soul mates from the moment we met, not that we recognised it back then, I just felt he was my other half, I always sensed when he was near. I have been lucky but I was also brought up with strong sense of loyalties and would fight to the death should someone or something threaten my loved ones this includes friends. I also have very strong feelings that there are changes in values of the community, moves back to basics such as cooking, sewing, knitting and making things for one self perhaps this move may relate to so many products now being manufactured out of our country, a feeling of ownership to what we buy. I know I look for Australian made, handmade, fresh produce and so on. Even to growing my own vegetables.

I have taken a few photo's from around the shop to share with you as I haven't any of what we have been doing lately.

Vintage pale blue bathroom cupboards, 2 outside ones have frosted glass and the middle one a lovely aged mirror, the rail below comes in handy for hanging Cavallini sheets of paper.Old suitcase painted white, great for displaying painted canvas's for sale, also handy for taking and display of goods at the markets and fairs.

Lovely artist mask bought in Venice, does make one smile.

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Corrine said...

Hi Jacky,
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I got those potatoes off trade me, and have just got another lot from the same seller. I've really been impressed by the flavour, and they also seem alot tougher than the Jersey Bene spuds that I also grew, they've shaken off several frosts so far without much harm. I don't think they'd make it through customs other wise I'd send you some.