Thursday, March 12, 2009

New beginnings

Well here I am again, Joanne has been on an interesting journey, cosmetic dental journey. Joanne grinds her teeth while asleep causing her teeth to fracture, now, none of the dentists she had been seeing made her aware of this, just charging exorbitant fees to do repairs, of course these where not long lasting due to the constant grinding.

A visit to a cosmetic dentist offering repayment plans, made her aware of her problem and around 4 or 5 months later she is now the proud owner of beautiful veneers. This has opened a whole new world for Joanne as she was very aware of her deteriorating teeth she avoided smiling and talking too close to people she didn't know. Now she has this radiant smile and keeps flashing her new teeth unafraid to look into your eyes when speaking together, they where very expensive but oh so worth it. Now she will wear a mouth guard to bed at night to protect her teeth.

Now thats a sunshine smile wouldn't you agree!


Karen said...

An absolutely gorgeous smile!

Anonymous said...

ROCK ON JO!!!!!!!

lisa crofts