Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter break

Easter is a time of new beginnings, for me it is a time for spending with family. I am back in Collie again this Easter, travelling down on Thursday to avoid the bumper to bumper traffic, not my idea of fun. We travel home again on Tuesday for the same reason. I am hoping that the road toll is a lot lower than it usually is over public holidays.

Faces of 2 of my grandchildren sampling the Easter Eggs they made earlier filled with smarties and marshmallows a sort of rockie road easter egg. They had fun making them but even more fun eating them. Children every where will be celebrating easter in a similar way.

It is always nice to get out of the city and all the mad traffic so I am making the most of it.

Happy Easter to each and everyone of you.

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papermoonies said...

Hi love your creations,reminds me of a friend of mine who does simular work. Lisa Bebe here in California. I did not see a recent post on your blog nor how to follow you.