Monday, April 27, 2009

My hero

On Saturday here in Australia and New Zealand it was Anzac (Australia New Zealand Army Corps)Day, a day to remember and never forget these brave men and women who fought to make the world a better and safer place for us all to live in. My particular hero is my Dad
Raymond Heath Johnson, 2nd Echelon, New Zealand Army. Leaving New Zealand shores on

a troop ship for the middle east, but after getting separated from the other ships in the flotilla diverted to England. He was in Britain during the Battle of Britain, then sailed for two months from Britain to Greece. His unit fought at Mount Olympus in a fierce and ugly battle with Germany until they where overcome, in retreat he was separated from his unit and ended up in cave where a Doctor and nurses where treating the injured. Finally he joined the unit and under heavy bombardment from the Germans he departed on an overcrowded British Destroyer through minefields and constant bombing from aircraft. Landing in Egypt after a short break he was deployed to the Western Front and was in the famous battle of El Alamein in the Quatara Depression under Field Marshall Montgomery with the German Rommel also Known as the desert fox, this battle was believed to be the turning point of the 11 World War. Our dad gave up 3 years of his life to make the world a better place, he was only 22 years of age and married one month when he left for war. He had a wonderful sense of humour and this helped him keep his sanity against the terror of war. When I think of my son at 22 going off to war I appreciate my father and thousands like him, all hero's, for their commitment and for the thousands upon thousands of wives, mothers, sisters who where left at home, not knowing if they would return or if they did, affected by war. These women where also hero's.

Thank you Dad we are proud of you and our lovely Mum, miss you both. xoxo


lisa bebi said...

this is a very beautiful tribute to your dad and those who fought for world peace.
it touches my heart. also i don't know new zealand or australia's WW11 history - this is interesting to me.

i want to thank you for writing to me in my blog, "pimp my spleen". i feel honored to have a visit from someone like you.
i looked for your email address so that i could write to you personally, but could not find it.

sincerely, lisa bebi

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacky
Your baby sister here. I did not know all that about my dad, it brought a tear to my eye. Thank you for that knowledge and thank you for being such a neat sister. I am lucky to be blessed with not one but three special sisters.
Love you lots.

The French Bear said...

What wonderful words to share about your Father, I was truly touched! I have often made tributes of my Mom, but my Dad was in the Air Force. He was a pilot, too young for any battle but he was there serving his country. Thank you for sharing....
Margaret B