Monday, August 10, 2009

Miss Johnsons Vintage and Handmade Market

October 30th and 31st, Phil and I are running a new Vintage Craft Market, at the beautiful Guildford Town Hall. We had looked at one run in the USA check it out, we thought it would be fun to run one here in Australia. You will find a link in the side bar if you would like to follow ours. We want to create a vintage brocante, something that you can meander through, unlike a fair where the stalls are all in a row, nothing co-ordinating with the stalls either side or the fair itself. We want ours to be a theme, create an experience that you will tell your friends about and come to our next one. We aim to have vintage items, handmade in the vintage style or using vintage items. There will be yummy food for you to eat while you peruse the items around you. We will be doing the hall up very vintage and the Guildford Hall lends very well to this. There will be music gentle music from another time. We will give you little tempters on our new site to keep you interested. Hope you will join us, and if you would like to sell in this unique market we would love to hear from you.



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Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Jacky WOW!!! I will be there!!! cant wait!! wish i had enough paintings done to join you, looks wonderful!!!!!