Friday, August 14, 2009

Rain and more rain

We are having some wonderful rainy weather here in Perth, rain but temperatures around 18 degrees Celsius, so really comfortable. I personally love winters in Perth, I love taking the dog for a walk early mornings just as the birds are waking up and giving half hearted sleepy chirps to greet the new day.

These are some dwarf sweet peas that I planted from seeds, I haven't grown sweet peas for years I just love the flowers but never quite sure of the right time to plant here in Australia. This is something I have learnt, growing plants are so different to conditions in New Zealand. Still struggling with lettuces (they bolt so quickly here) and potatoes. Oh dear, can you see the mess on the pavers, yes I need to get out and garden, my excuse is that dear dog, digs in my garden and then lies on my plants and being a big dog she flattens lots of my plants.

I love this old metal side of a babies cot, in the rain everything looks so fresh. Very hard to capture rain on film, it was bucketing down when I took these photos with the sun showing through, bizarre weather. I have been very busy with my art this week, but not ready to share just yet, a lot of vintage art.

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Corrine said...

oh that rain looks so refreshing, and 18 degrees! Spring weather! I'm hanging out for spring now, I can dig my garden buty still have a long way to go before we get temps like that.
Love the sound of your vintage fair. I'd love to spend a day wandering around a fair like that. I had to laugh at the vintage mantels. I used them in the back country huts when I was a hut warden working for the dept of conservation. Coleman and Tilly lamps both use them. Of course they get very brittle as soon as the lamp is lit so it never occured to me to use them as a pocket. Good thinking!