Friday, February 5, 2010

Treasure finds

recently I visited a favourite shop to look for something to make hinges out of. Rustic Gallery in Midland has the most amazing collection of vintage and collectibles in Perth, I hadn't visited for over a year and was amazed at how much stock they now have. If you have a bush block and want old rustic items for garden display, they have just about anything that you can imagine old rusty truck, farm machinery etc. The prices are very reasonable, but every time I go I spend more than I should in volume.

The black box opened in the centre at the back was the dearest item, apparently very collectible it is 'The Boston Crankshaft alignment indicator' which I paid $30, this spoke to me and I went and picked it up several times and put it back again, before I gave in to temptation. The reason I bought it was for the lovely dark dark brown colour, broken hinge, well worn on the edges, but most of all the lovely velvet lining which was at one time a tobacco colour but with age and use is now a dark brown with patch's of gold showing through. This I envisage a lovely little vintage journal or even a small sculpture.
I already have a project for this army water bottle carrier (I think) it is a hard metal covered in webbing fabric and will be perfect for the War Journal on my dad which will be housed inside, can you see a war medal attached to the front and other war memorabilia. This will be a favourite son's Christmas present, see I have started early this year. I have been collecting memorabilia for this journal for over two years. I also wrote the journal up on my computor with all the war photo's and excerpts from letters he wrote to his sister. Now the letter M I just loved the shape and colour, M for mine haha, Mandy.
Now can you see a lovely old journal peeking out of this old tatty tool bag with paint smears in pink and white, just like the old Filerite alpha cards. These cards I can see made into a journal the outside parts have gone a shade of green whereby the hidden from light parts are a lovely shade of turquoise. I had thought the webbing buckle might serve as a hinge the buckle is way to big for what I want. But I will find a use for it, possibly in the war journal.And this dear little leather pouch about 5" x 7" in size has a handmade look about it, stitching coming undone in places, was only $7 what a bargain.
Now to some these will look like a pile of old junk, not seeing the possibilities and possibly still think them junk when I turn them into vintage art but you cannot win them all and thats ok. I love Nina Bagley's art and this is what inspires me. Have a nice weekend


nina said...

i came here to read, and saw the beautiful photograph of you - and said awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.........i love you so much, dear friend. so so much.
what treasures you have found! i'll be interested to see the projects when

Judy said...

Yummo! Love those bags. Must go there one day. Cant wait to see what you have done

Beth Handley said...

I am going to love following your blog. I love the same treasure and I too am teaching myself to do Teesha Moore's style of journals!