Friday, January 29, 2010

tomato recipe

Too hot to do a lot this week, here is a recipe that I like making, very simple a no brainer. I use the Piccollini truss tomatoes from the supermarket. (will try and save some seed and see if I can grow them) they are the sweetest tomatoes, sweeter even than the organic ones. I use a small pan only 2 of us, a drizzle of olive oil, cut all the tomatoes in half and place cut side up. Place a pinch of salt (organic if you have it) on each tomato and a pinch of brown sugar (I know tut tut, bad cook) but it gives a lovely caramel taste.

Heat on low for about 5 minutes then turn tomatoes over and press down with back of a fork, this squeezes some of the juice out. Whoops forgot, heat a further 5 mins add a splash of balsamic
Hard to get a photo of this part as it steams up my camera lens, but you get the picture.
And wella, lovely juicy tomatoes with a thick sauce, nice with steak, chicken, other meats of just on toast. Give it a try, did you know that cooked tomatoes are good for men's prostrate, they say its better than raw!
Birdhouse now in the garden looking out from the family room, I had a photo from the kitchen window but the darn thing keeps disappearing so I am giving up on it. Computor doing silly things today, maybe doesn't like the heat either.
Wow look at that found it, no the window is not dirty, cleaned them recently, its a wonder it didn't rain. I am giving up on this computor, going back to making another Teesha journal, found a sheet of dark cream watercolour paper, will try a different style decorating the journal.
Enjoy your weekend


lisa_crofts said...

This looks yummy jacky. Jason makes something similar with onion in it as well and sometimes if you are lucky bacon. It is great on toast or as a side.

jo said...

love the birdhouse! I wonder what wonderful, thoughtful, loving people bought that for you as a gift???

lilylovekin said...

Your tomato recipe sounds great, I thought I was the only one who used sugar with my tomatos but I've never tried brown sugar. thanks for the hint.