Friday, March 19, 2010

class samples

Sometimes it takes me ages to get class samples made, finally got this one made using Character Construction stamps and Golden fluid glazes. The stages are cut out of foamcore, wrapped in rice paper then attached to 8 x 10 inch canvas boards. I am really enjoying working with stamps at the moment. The best part of teaching is coming up with new ideas and then sharing them with the classes. Next Saturday I am off to Collie and Bunbury where I am teaching a workshop, and spending a little bit of time with daughter Kirsty and family. Weather has finally cooled down and we are getting beautiful autumn weather. Still no rain, over a 100 days without rain, the last long period without rain was about 1947 where they went 80 odd days. Climate changes mmmh!
Have a wonderful weekend


lilylovekin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, yes I'm excited about ARTFEST I'm taking classes from Nina Bagley, Stephanie Lee, and Carla Sonhiem. Your class looks like fun also.

Mary said...

Hi Jacky, Do you do any online tutorials?