Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stormy weather

Well we wanted rain, and what did we get a wild weather storm with hail the size of golf balls, gale force winds and torrential rain, but I am not complaining my garden loved it, big thirsty gulps going on there.
Amazing photo's of the storm coming in from the North.

John's car unfortunately was damaged by hail all down one side, was parked at work in Osborne Park, the storm hit there at 3.30, it didn't reach us until after 4.30 and we didn't get any hail.

Can you see the big chunks taken out of the wind visor above. He was lucky though, no broken windows that others had. The car dealers that he worked for had damage on just about every vehicle probably over a 100 vehicles, there will be some good bargains to be had if you can do your own panel beating. It has been said that some car dealerships insurance where not covered for hail damage as it is such a rare occurrence.
I am off to Bunbury and Collie on Saturday teaching a class so will not have time to do my blog so hope you all have a lovely weekend.


lilylovekin said...

The elements are crazy any more. It sounds like you were lucky with the damage you got on your car-it could have been worse. What amazing photos of the storm.

kathydkeith said...

I am amazed at the cloud photos! I think I got to your blog hopping around from Link Referral. Nice blog.
Kathy in Texas
kathydkeith on etsy

Martha Brady said...
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