Friday, April 16, 2010

foto friday 2

Thursday we had a torrential downpour, gutters just could not keep up. It was like standing behind a waterfall, luckily the chairs weren't out, they would have been drenched, can you see the water on the bricks a little lake going on there.

My friday foto was taken from the same spot the next day, rain all over. This is our meeting room, where we hash out ideas and plans, coffee breaks and even lunch is spent out here. After the rain the birds go crazy, they enjoy it as well. As the school holidays are on, I am on my own so its a good chance to catch up on some of the magazines for inspiration.

This is some inspiration I found in an older Somerset Studio. Photo on the right is one photo and the same photo printed onto a transparency with the back painted with Titan Buff acrylic paint. Best to allow your transparency to dry completely, maybe a week, then paint fairly thickly on the back with Titan Buff, try not to paint over your painted area to much as it can drag your image. Looks like an old tin type photo, I am impressed, I can use this technique in my vintage journals.


jo said...

Wow, we got hardly any rain at home, barely 10 minutes from the shop!! Cool fotos.
Jo xoxoxo

lilylovekin said...

Love your spot for morning coffee it looks so peaceful. Thanks for the words of encouragement re: my Friday post it helped.