Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter to you all

Last weekend classes went really well. The class at Bunbury Catholic College was a joy, they where so eager to soak up as much as they could in the very short 2 hour classes and the time just flew, no time to be creative but there was enough teachers there to guide them through the techniques they missed.
Good news on Johns car, on the way back we had an appointment to see the Insurance assessors, they put up special posts to get everyone through as quick as possible. Johns car was assessed as repairable, it was borderline, there was only two door panels without hail damage and if they had also had damage it would have been written off. Its good news because he loves his car! Could be up to 6 months or more before it can be repaired but it is drivable so no biggie.
Hope you all have a peaceful Easter and stay safe on the roads. We are staying at home, too many hoons on the roads.

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lilylovekin said...

I hope you have a Happy Easter, I'm so glad it was good news about the car insurance companies can be so difficult.