Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jim Morrison and the Doors

I booked tickets to see the documentary 'When you're strange' about Jim Morrison and the band the Doors.John and I braved the rain to see it last night at the Astor Cinema, an Art Deco cinema in Mount Lawley. John does not like to get out of his comfort zone and go to cinema's so that was a feat in itself, I think he enjoyed it, a man of few words is John.

I did not remember Jim Morrison and the Doors, at the time I was busy bringing up children, at that time all you seemed to hear on the radio was that punk rock which I could not stand. I like gutsy rock music, forget about the punk bit. Although I do recall hearing 'Light my fire' and loving its energy. I loved the film, loved the music, to me he had a man voice and I loved that.I had been intrigued with Jim Morrison ever since I took photo's of his grave at Pere le chaise (spelling probably not accurate) and read that his fans came and had parties at his graveside they grafitti'ed over all the surrounding graves so that now it has a security guard there to prevent any further actions, beer bottles would be left there for him, and how one admirer stole the bust that was on his headstone. I like that he was anti establishment and a non conformist, things I wish I was brave enough to be. He was a beautiful adonis, strutting the stage or leaping into the air in such abandon. Ray Manzek they keyboardist in the Doors band remembers his friend as Jimbo, his wild irish heritage, was on one side the gentle dreamer in his poetry and on the other this wild man with his lust for sex, alcohol, self destruction and anything forbidden by the authority of conservative middle class America. Throughout the documentary Johnny Depp's narration was sensitive and soulful. The original footage of the night in Miami, Jim provoked a mass hysteria and riots in the 15,000 overcrowded venue that safely held 10,000. This resulted in the police closing down the concert after the temporary scaffolding collapsed and Jim was thrown into the crowd. Jim was charged with inciting a riot and indecency charges and the rest of the tour cancelled. If you get a chance go see this documentary I do believe that it is also out on dvd. enjoy!!!!


Corrine said...

Lol, I've got that exact same photo. Apparently there is even some debate about whether he is even burried there at all. I'll have to keep a look out for the dvd.

Samantha Marshall said...

Hi Jacky,
I really enjoyed reading your post about Jim Morrison. I'm also sad to read your shop is closing. Ireally enjoyed visiting the shop, but I can totally understand how hard it must be to balance everything.